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MedVIP is a collection of the most interesting papers which were added to PMC PubMedCentral in the given month.

It is skewed by my major interests on Nephrology, Rheumatology, Immunology, Cell Biology.

It contains about 8% of the whole load of about 30k items per month.

If the major topics are yours, it is your perfect source of quite actual original data.

Casual papers will be twittered at . Only a little fraction of this load appears in that way.

The issues will be shown here - program to do that is under construction. Tabulated by month covered.

New load of 5 datasaets on okt 19th 2018


Topical searches (containing restricted access papers)

The counter numbers of the papers are slightly scrambled, this apperas if the origina dtasets contains invalid pmc/pmid numbers with consequential workaround. All valid items will be shown.

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