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Nephrology on Twitter

  • The following groups of ppl are active in the field of kidney diseases, renal physiology and organ transplantation.
  • I have set-up co-called lists which aggregate ppl into their major interest area.

Patient / Crowd targeted

  • Disease awareness groups focusing on single or many rarediseases, from patient advice to research funding.
  • Malignant Donor recruitment groups telling stories to recruit dumb living-unrelated donors from the stupid crowd.
  • Benign Transplantation awareness groups getting ppl informed how to become a donor once deceased by accident or disease.
  • Patient-run groups/organizations on-subject.
  • Individual patients chatting and talking around (benign) and those (malignant) crying for the stupid bangladeshi donor to change his overall life settings.
  • Occasional interest in Nephrology for ppl who like rihanna, motorcycles and lungs as well.

Educational / Professional




NephroVIP or how-to be listed in the Nephrology Lists

  • First, follow my account nephroVIP
  • Second, subscribe to the appropriate list which covers your interests best. This puts it into your lists collection, so it gets known social.
  • Third post exactly this tweed:
@nephroVIP #nephrolistaddition
  • The link is the link to one of my lists, here leading-nephrons to be copypasted.


Who is lacking from all the lists

  • Me. Without hack, twitter excludes list owners as items in a topical list.
  • So, it is important for all ppl who are interested in germanies top account in nephrology to follow-me at


  • My account provides on-topic nephrology retweets and educational reviews and original papers, mostly free-to read as indirectly-linked pdf documents. It occasionally informs about my bibliographical webtools and paper collections.
  • In addition, I hava a called Kidney which aggregates blog-level posts from those who i am following.

Coverage of my lists

  • Quite uncomplete. Until today, filled-up by chance, non-systematic. I have a well-endowned collection of nonfollowing accounts as well as my 1650 followers, 1500 of which are relevant imho. So, work can be done on about 5000 known accounts.


The top interesting nephrology hashtags are

  • #NephJC Nephrology Journal Club, well-led and highly active
  • #Nephpearls Graphical abstracts on any subject in nephrology. Most textbook shots.

thats all folks.

Reason I created this entry

My capacity to ping other ppl to followme is exhausted at 2001 minus 1650 slots, so i am in need to get known by means outside the instruments which twitter gives the dummmy usr. Especially,

Please note, however, that regularly following and unfollowing many accounts at a time is a violation of the Twitter Rules and can result in account suspension.

So, I invite all the others iso followers to run into one of my appropriate on-target lists. Its at zerocost.

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