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Small Introduction

The HouseOfPapers HOP is a collection of bibliographic resources in the life sciences, medicine and especially its subspeciality nephrology. There were two streams of development into this collection,

  • medline programs written in visual basic and in PHP to run complex pubmed searches, with printed title lists and barcodes to read them off-line at up tp 50.000 primary citations per month.
  • the basic idea to replace the community written contents of a wikipedia system by a collection of peer-reviewed, freely available review articles in any of the subject areas above.


HOP / BDOM bibliographic dictionaries

At the time I created the new HOP website on Aug 25th 2015, there exists one well-done sample topic on the Development of the Kidney, which contains nearly all reviews which I tagged in 2011, now in a well-done arranged format according to their focal topic, not in an amalgamate as I had it in the automatized original topic at the original BDOM. The original full index (searchable in english) of the old BDOM is available at its homepage. The actual HOP Nephrology Index is the starting point for HOP contents.

The developmental queue is twice, to stream-in new contents and to transform at least the important nephrology items into this new wiki-based format. Whereas inclusion term in the backfile BDOM up to 2011 was Pubmed:Review and free full text or known hybrid journal, I scanned later monthly collections of PMCentral:anything added in the reporting month. This content did not reach the BDOM or the HOP, it is located by major subject categories 2014 Jan-May and the 2015 stream goes bulk at PaperStream which will be linked to my twitter account NephroVIP. So, users can access the most interesting 4% of the monthly PMC load of 35k - but there is no deeper and humanized bibliographic workup.

The HOP will be targeted to my core interest of nephrology, whereas the BDOM covers anything.


The Medline system currently known as

  • Fully running, it is located at, it shows more than pubmed, so its called moremed !
  • It is reminiscent of elsevier's sciverse (?) system which succumbed once upon a time. The search term (basic booleans without special field identifiers) will be transformed to be pushed to many other databases to run e.g. fulltext on springer, wiley, doaj and so on. Search results will not be aggregated, this saves server time for me and it eliminates the need to get consent from many publishers for a little-known webtool. By runnig searches on the external engines, users can improve their global search strategy on an individual database to improve indvidual site operating characteristics.
  • Since I am located in germany and my last employer was Helios/FMC, a focally suited spinoff is at
  • Based on PubMed, there is a versatile linkout system using hosts known to pubmed, additional derived from my own database of hybrid journals predicting openness, Scholar and something known as libgen for the poor.

If your library has a PubMed filter to retrieve licensed contents, ask me to implement the string as i have done on the site.

  • An additional pubmed-based resource enabled by my internal journal database is a small system to get the pdfs form microcitations scratched from the slides or abstract by using one-letter journal abbreviations, i.e. jci instead of j-clin-invest and some combination of author, year, volume, page and so on. The one-vol-page combination is ideal for the workup of reference lists from papers or book chapters !


Many many more

Many resources and gadgets appeared in the foregoing 4 years of resource development. Some are described at, and a greater list is at Nephropedia. In addition, I created following ressources:

Other pages on HOP

Core contents is the Kidney bibliographical Dictionary which is accessible through HOP Nephrology Index. As shown there, BDOM style linkouts are given for many topics, which are ordered in a textbook style, and the available HOP reformatted items are tagged appropriately.

For site maintainance, special pages exist, as shown here.

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