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It is not new to run a biomedical search query on PubMed and a complimentary on PubMedCentral. Theses medical literature databases cover different sets of life sciences journals, PubMed displaying one part of the peer-reviewed medical publications by a complex process of reviewing the single journals impact on integrity of science to be selected for inclusion or, often, to be rejected (i.E. german Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie is lacking). PMCentral wants anything available in the realms of open-access publication to be included for a sensitivity-skewed roc of inclusion. Beyond these facts of wide overlapping portfolios, the method from query to results is different in that PubMed looks into specified general purpose data fields like Title or Abstract of the paper whereas PMCentral runs a whole document search which leads to a more unspecific collection of identified items with a higher sensitivity, of course.


One search term should run on both engines and the results should be lumped together to omit the vast amounts of pseudoduplicate records, i.e. double hits. This procedure needs a quite long script-running time on a php server which makes it difficult to implicate.


First, you will run a PubMed search via Results are shown in parts containing each up to 150 records which are free and which are not free by checking the sb flag. There is a print out button to read the title lists off-line, and there is a next-page link to open the next page. This will be done according to the total no. items identified. Once done, the Next Page link will open automatically the same search, now run on PMCentral, with output pages of 500 items each. Records which have been uniquely identified in PMCentral are shown in bold, normal letters, Items which wre included in the foregoing PubMed collection are shown in slight italic font face.

Thats all folks.

Screenshots :

Type in your search term, press organge button, then moremed pubmed button


Check your title lists online or offline
Code39 barcode possible, if you have free-3-or-9-font installed.
Online: Best link left from title (EuroPMC), multilinkout by citation, ncbi-pubmed by pmid number.


Use any of the linkout options
My #FOAvip tweets are scratched from this pages options.
Scroll down for abstract, abstract as jpg for twitter, comment on disqus, see mesh terms.


Batch offline work
4.000 results online - not quite stable work conditions. Printout & work in the park. Use Barcode reader or type-in the 
PMID numbers.  PMC has a C left from the digits, its needed.
Opens up to 10 frames and unlimited tabs of 10 each. Too many a time == errors.
Allow javascript/browser to open windows from - its my site.


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