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Images on Twitter

Twitter is an accepted ressource to show medical images, i.e. pathology cases, tables and slides on any topic. Also, there is a wealth of fine arts or architecture accounts which show visual contents.

Image Metadata

From a tweet, one can extract the major topic and the specified information given in the tweet text.

Saving Twitter Images

Leads to nothing but a fine jpg on file. No idea what it shows or who created it.


Writing the Lolcat

In traditional lolcat style, the Twimginator generates a new jpg image consisting of the original image and the metadata which is scratched automatically from the specified tweet to be written onto the lolcat. Also, the resulting image is given a unique filename consisting of time of creation, a random number and the title as well as the original contributor as well as a hint of its creation by the Twimginator.


Editing Metadata

The tweet text will be modified manually to yield a short title and the rest of the tweet text.

Here is the website which performs the task home of the Twimginator

Here, you will simply copypaste the tweets address. A intermediary page to edit metadata will be opened. Then the (or all max. four images per tweet) lolcat image will be created. You can save it on your computer now. To retweet the picture, a standard tweet text is given to copypaste. It consists of #Twimginator, the contributor and the title which you have applied.


Complicated ?

No. Sure. You will appreciate my piece of work done.

Search twitter for all images which were generated with the Twimginator

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